prof. Almir Atiković


Name, Titles

Assistant Professor, Almir ATIKOVIĆ, Ph.D.

Department/Place of work

University of Tuzla, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

2. Oktobra 1, 75000 Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Contact (email + telephone)


T/F: +387(0)35278536, M: +387(0)61830730

Research interests

Artistic Gymnastics, Biomechancs, Physical Educaton and Sport, Health, Acrobatics, Teachning and Learning, Motor Learning


(Short professional description – 5 sentences minimum)

Based on the presented facts about the assistant professor Almir Atiković, PhD can be concluded the following: 
- The candidate is a doctor of social sciences in the field of physical culture, 
- The candidate has spent the entire term of service as assistant professor in the scientific field "Basic and Applied Kinesiology discipline" at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, University of Tuzla, 
- The candidate of the last election revealed one (1) book, one (1) university textbook and a monograph (1) in the field of election candidates, 
- After the appointment as assistant professor candidate is recognized publications published (28) scientific papers,

- The candidate has been a mentor to two (2) successfully defended master's theses, 
- The candidate's relevant years of experience in teaching and pedagogy that is gained in the first, another third cycle studies at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, University of Tuzla, in the scientific field for which the election is being made, 
- Member of the Editorial Board and recezentskih in nine (9) scientific and professional journals in the field of kinesiology 
- Two (2) times the winner of the scholarship for the academic in the context of international programs ERSMUS Mundus, and CEEPUS 
- Actively participated in the organization of (8) eight scientific symposia and conferences at home and abroad…


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