prof. Dr. Jožef Štihec, prof. šp. vzg.


Name, Titles

prof. Jože Štihec, Ph.D.

Department/Place of work

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Sport, Slovenia

Contact (email + telephone)  +386 1 5207 745

Research interests

Sport pedagogy, Sport didactics, Sport informatics


(Short professional description – 5 sentences minimum)

Jože Štihec is full professor at Faculty of sport in Ljubljana where he is head of Department of sport pedagogy. His research orientation are Sport pedagogy, Sport didactics and Sport informatics. His bibliography has over 700 items ( He was leader or member of many research projects, wrote few books and is author of many computer programs used at different faculties, schools, sports clubs, sport associations… in Slovenia and abroad. He was guest professor at different universities.


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