prof. Dr. med. Thomas Küpper

  • Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Küpper

    Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Küpper


Name, Titles

Thomas Küpper, Prof., MD, PhD

Department/Place of work

Institute of Occupational & Social Medicine, RWTH Aavchen University, Aachen / Germany

Contact (email + telephone); +49-15256135650

Research interests

High altitude / hypoxia; outdoor sports, training, exercise testing, Travel Medicine


(Short professional description – 5 sentences minimum)

Prof. Küpper is leader of the working group “aviation, sport and travel medicine” at RWTH Aachen University. He has founded ADEMED Expeditions, an initiative who combines student’s training with science: Students are involved in the organization of scientific expeditions to remote regions where they will perform their studies later. Actually the scientific group includes 18 doctoral students. At University Thomas is teaching sports medicine, high altitude medicine, emergency medicine in remote regions (including “survival medicine”), and travel medicine. He is member of several editorial boards of international journals and member of the Medical Commission of the international Mountaineering Federation UIAA. Thomas is active climber with about 70 peaks of 4,000+m, climbs up to grade VII UIAA and ice up to ~80°. He is also an active diver and speeds sailing boats like Flying Dutchman or Hobie 16.


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