doc. PaedDr. Tomáš Perič, Ph.D.

  • doc. PaedDr. Tomáš Perič, Ph.D.

    doc. PaedDr. Tomáš Perič, Ph.D.


Name, Titles

Assoc. Prof. Ratko Pavlović, PhD

Department/Place of work

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, University East Sarajevo, BIH

Contact (email + telephone)

Email:;             +387 (57) 223-861;

                                                                  fax.  +387 (57)223-861;

Research interests

Track and field, Fitness, Sports Training, Anthropomotorics, Motor Control, Sport science, Motor skills,  Physical education, Exercise physiology, sports and rehabilitation science .


(Short professional description – 5 sentences minimum)

            Ratko Pavlovic, was born 1976 in Foca (Bosnia and Herzegovina), where finished primary school and high school. He graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education in Serbian of Sarajevo. In 2004, at the Faculty of Physical Education in Nis (Serbia) has completed post-graduate studies as the most successful postgraduate. PhD degree in 2006 at the Faculty of Physical Education in Eastern Sarajevo. After completing undergraduate studies, he worked in primary and secondary schools as a physical education teacher (2000-2003). The employment at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport is based as an assistant (2001-2004), senior assistant (2004-2006). The assistant professor in the subject Athletics was selected in 2006 and 2012, an associate professor.

          2008/09. at the same faculty he held the position of Vice Dean for Academic and Student Affairs and 2010/12. he was a Vice Dean for Science and editor of the editorial staff of scientific journal ''Sport and Health''. From 2008-2011. the President of the Commission for the professional exam of teachers, associates and educators. He participated in training ,,The role of teachers in the processes of internal quality assurance within the Tempus project ,,From Quality Assurance to Strategy Development'' WUS Austria and participant for on more of conferences, scientific conferences and symposia.

              He has published more than 130 scientific papers. The author of four textbooks and one practicum of Athletics. More times he was a mentor on the first, second and third cycle studies at the faculty. The reviewer is a monograph ''World race walking research '', published by the University Matey Bel-Banska Bystrica (Slovakia), and books ‘’FITNESS-individual programs’’, published by the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Sarajevo.

A member of the Athens Institute for Education and Research A World Association of Academics and Research (ATINER).

             A member of the editorial board of ''International Scientific Journal on Kinesiology-ACTA KINESIOLOGICA.’' Member of Editorial and Reviewers’ Board ATHENS JOURNAL OF SPORTS. A member scientific board of the Journal and Sports and Medical-Rehabilitation Science -SPORTS SCIENCE AND HEALTH.

           In addition to prominent national, reviewed the work of prestigious international journals (Collegium Anthropologicum, International Research Journals, International Journal of Educational Research and Reviews, Journal of Physical Education and Sport Management, Athens Journal of Sports and Sky Journal of Educational Research, Sport science and health, Journal Physical Culture).


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