prof. Ing. Václav Bunc, Ph.D.

  • prof. Ing. Václav Bunc, Ph.D.

    prof. Ing. Václav Bunc, Ph.D.


Name, Titles

Václav Bunc, Prof, Ing, CSc

Department/Place of work

Faculty of P.E. and Sports Charles University Prague

Contact (email + telephone), +420737233661

Research interests

application of mathematical methods and models in PE and sport, using of biocybernetics by evaluation of physical fitness, exercise physiology, functional and physical testing in laboratory and field, body composition, BIA methods, moving regimes for prevention in cardiac patients.


(Short professional description – 5 sentences minimum)

Prof.Dr.Václav Bunc, PhD  - born 19.9.1947 -  graduated from Technical University Prague 1970, applied physics, 1970-1973 research worker in Tesla VUST A.S.Popova Prague, 1973-1975 PhD study on Technical University Prague, from 1975 until now Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Charles University, PhD earned from Technical University Prague in Applied Physics, senior scientific worker, Ass.Prof. 1993, Prof. 1998 - Exercise Physiology

Publications: first author more than 400 items in scientific Journals, more than 150 abroad, practically the same number of publications as co-author. From 1987 visiting professor on University of Graz. Referee of scientific papers with topics of physical fitness, exercise physiology and biomedical engineering in our country and abroad. Member of Czech and International scientific societies, from 1995 member of New York Academy of Sciences. Lector of PhD study on Charles University and University of Graz. Head of many research projects, author of great numbers of research reports.


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